DropboxStore and Transfer Files With Dropbox

Dropbox is a very useful cloud storage tool which allows you to store files online and access them from any computer or device.

To get started, go to the Dropbox homepage and sign up. Once you register with Dropbox and download their software, an icon appears on your desktop which leads to a Dropbox folder on your c-drive. Simply click the icon and copy files into this folder and, after a short sync, they will appear on any of your other devices on which you have downloaded the software or app.

Sub-folders can be set up, and you can also share folders with friends or business associates. Apps are available for your iPad or iPhone, and you can also get to your folder from the Dropbox web-site.

The Dropbox Basic free service gives you 2 GB of space while Pro version  gives you 1TB. The Business plan gives you unlimited space for your business. I have been using Dropbox for over 3 years, with no problems, and I no longer need to carry around a memory stick!

I highly recommend Dropbox as a cloud storage application.