Smart Tips to Help You Simplify Your Online Business

Written by – Julie Morris Image via Pixabay There is no single formula for success that can elevate every company to greatness. However, there are a few important things that you can do to give yourself a little boost. When you’re starting your first online shop, you have to do a little…… Continue reading Smart Tips to Help You Simplify Your Online Business

Bookkeeping Services

Having trouble keeping accurate accounting records? Don’t have enough time to do your own accounting? My bookkeeping services can help you. Bookkeeping is the initial recording of financial transactions and is the start of the accounting process, which ultimately leads to your financial statements. Therefore, it is very important that bookkeeping is done accurately and…… Continue reading Bookkeeping Services

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Better Sleep In A Busy Life: How Entrepreneurs Can Rest Easy

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Written by – Julie Morris Photo via Pixabay by Rawpixel Better sleep is often hard to come by, especially when you lead a busy life as an entrepreneur. Even when you’re tired, you may be unable to relax with a mind full of tasks, stress, and goals, or you may be in…… Continue reading Better Sleep In A Busy Life: How Entrepreneurs Can Rest Easy

PDF Conversion Tool

Able2Extract Professional 14 Inc., a Toronto based software company specializing in PDF technologies, has developed an excellent PDF converter known as Able2Extract Professional 14.  This easy-to-use software will convert PDF files to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, AutoCad, and much more……. Able2Extract Professional 14 is a cross-platform, desktop solution that allows Windows, Mac and Linux…… Continue reading PDF Conversion Tool

One of my favourite learning web sites is which has numerous free online interactive learning opportunities for anyone who wants to improve their technology, literacy and math skills.  I especially like their “Technology” section which has interactive learning tutorials and videos on most computer topics, including: computer basics, internet basics, email, social media, Facebook, Skype, Google, iPad, iPhone, all…… Continue reading


Store and Transfer Files With Dropbox Dropbox is a very useful cloud storage tool which allows you to store files online and access them from any computer or device. To get started, go to the Dropbox homepage and sign up. Once you register with Dropbox you can either upload files directly to your cloud account, or download the Dropbox software,…… Continue reading Dropbox

Constantly Stressed at Work? Consider a Sabbatical

Written by – Julie Morris Today’s style of working demands long hours and constant dedication. Often, taking breaks or vacations are interpreted as weakness or a lack of true commitment to one’s job. However, even the most dedicated workers require breaks and holidays, which is why the idea of a sabbatical is…… Continue reading Constantly Stressed at Work? Consider a Sabbatical

QuickBooks Online Cloud Accounting

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Manage Your Business From Anywhere with QuickBooks Online Great News – Quickbooks is now offering QuickBooks Online cloud accounting software and services. By allowing you to enter date online from any device, entering transactions is now more convenient and makes it easier to keep your accounting up-to-date.  QuickBooks Online frees you up to focus on…… Continue reading QuickBooks Online Cloud Accounting

Want Your Business to Succeed? Follow These Tips

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Written by – Julie Morris Bad news — there’s no quick, one-size-fits-all recipe for business success. That being said, the path to a successful business may be less elusive than you think. If you want to take your business to the next level, consider some of the following recommendations. Have a Clear…… Continue reading Want Your Business to Succeed? Follow These Tips